You first day at ISM will probably be exciting, a little confusing,  and possibly a tad overwhelming, but hopefully fun as well. While you may feel a little lost, know this is just temporary. Remember…just get to your classes, meet your classmates and smile. Everyday will get a little better and less hectic. We have ALL experienced starting at a new school so we know exactly how you feel.

Make sure you bring some pens/pencil and notebooks. Once you get to class, teachers will share anything specific you might need to purchase for class (ie: calculator, etc.) To help you, National Bookstore will be set up on campus the first week to supply all your school needs (notebooks/calcluators/backpacks etc.).

Each teacher will let you know what textbook you need on the first day of class. No need to buy them though…we have a textbook depository here on campus and so all you have to do is sign them out at the beginning of the year. Just remember to take care of them!

If you are planning to try out for a first season sport, come prepared on the first day of school. If there is a tryout for your sport that day,  it will be from 3:00pm to about 4:45pm. Our season 1 sports include football (soccer), volleyball and cross country.

At the end of the first day, let your counselor know how the first day went and definitely ask questions if you have any. Trust us…they definitely want to know…and they sincerely want to help. 🙂