Message from the Student Ambassador Presidents

Greetings to all new students!

Welcome to International School Manila, and for those of you who’ve never been in Manila before, welcome to the Philippines! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer!

ISM aims to foster an environment in which students can grow and develop into balanced individuals through a variety of service activities, clubs, councils, sports, and the arts. Here at ISM, we make it a point to fulfill the principles of Integrity, Service, and Merit that ISM values dearly. With the diversity present in this school, we are positive that each one of you will find something you are passionate about and come to love ISM as much as we do!

We know that as new students, you are probably worried about moving to a new school. Settling down, fitting in, and making new friends; it can all seem a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We, the Student Ambassadors, are here to help make your transition to ISM as smooth and as fun as possible. Got questions, we’ll answer them! Got lost and don’t know where to go, we’ll be right by your side to help!

We are here to guide you through the school year, including the many annual events that occur, such as IASAS, Filipiniana, and Spirit Week. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section—it answers the questions most frequently asked by new students. However, we understand that some of you may have more specific questions. If you do, don’t hesitate to ask a Student Ambassador or any other student! Don’t worry, we don’t bite.

We know how overwhelming it can be moving into a new school. But rest assured, you will settle in just fine! We were new students once as well, and we were just as nervous as you are, but we’ve come to love ISM in no time because of the welcoming community and the positive environment. Check out this video if you don’t believe us 🙂


We hope you enjoy and have an awesome time here in ISM.

REMEMBER…It’s More Fun in the Philippines (click the logo and find out why)!

Isabel Lilles and Joey Taneja
Student Ambassador Presidents

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*Note: Student Ambassadors will be wearing their light blue Ambassador shirts for the first weeks of school