Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 8.06.38 AM Basked under the sweltering Manila heat, hundreds of people gathered at the International School of Manila a few weekends ago for our school’s annual Family Fun Day, planned by our school’s very own PTA. One of the highlights of the event was that it wasn’t just a day of fun—participating meant that you’d be contributing to donations for Typhoon Yolanda victims. The sun was shining bright; the excited shouts of children filled the air and the smell of pizza and Starbucks wafted from the seemingly endless rows of food stalls that lined the road beside the ES field. However, some of FFD’s most outstanding events were definitely the gaming booths that were set up at one corner of the field, two of which belonged to the Student Ambassadors.

            This year, the ambassadors were the proud supervisors of the Fishing Booth and the Derby Booth. Kids constantly streamed into the area in search for both shade and fun, and what better way to keep cool than to win an awesome prize in the process? From mini LEGO sets to intimidating water guns, we made sure that everybody who came into the booths left with some sort of a prize to promote both fairness and fun. The Ambassadors partnered up with a party planning company that helped us supervise the booths and handle the games while we handled chits and hyped up those in line before their turn. A handful of Student Ambassadors could be seen running around the FFD area, advertising our activities in hopes of attracting not only Elementary kids, but students from Middle School and High School as well.

We asked a few Ambassadors about how they felt during and after the event. Bernice Delos-Reyes, our resident Sophomore Ambassador and PRO, says, “It was fun but tiring! It was fun playing with the kids in the two booths.” She enjoyed watching the kids have fun with the games, which is why both she and Mayumi Edirisinghe saw them return to the booth constantly after their first rounds. Shivani Phadke, another Ambassador, enjoyed watching the cute kids as she manned the chit booth. Deryek Sandhu says “It was a great day, and an excellent experience. I was glad that the money was going to Typhoon Yolanda victims as well, and all in all it was a rewarding event!” It’s great to hear that the Ambassadors enjoyed themselves just as much as our visitors did!

FFD this year proved to be a well-organized and enjoyable experience for everyone who attended, and we can’t wait to be a part of it again next year!

by Dhania Kamayana, grade 12 Student Ambassador