One of the main goals of the Student Ambassadors is to bring a positive attitude over the student population and this year’s council have work their brains to the limit: thinking of new ideas to do just that.

Birthdays are one of the most important events in our lives as it is the day that marks are existence in the world. Each and every one of us deserves to have that day acknowledged and celebrated which is why one of our new projects this year is the Birthday Giveaways.

Just as the name implies, the Birthday Giveaway tradition is when each month, Student Ambassadors go around and giving out small bags of candy to all those whose birthday was in that month. Although it sounds like a simple and easy concept, doing the actual deed was not that simple at all. It took meticulous planning but, true to their Bearcat spirit, our amazing Student Ambassadors worked hard to make it a reality.

The people who have received the gifts so far, over the past few months, commented that it was “sweet” and brought a little more joy to their already special day; showing the positive effect a single gesture could have. The thoughts and feelings put into each gift are just as sweet as the candies we give and our receivers have definitely felt that!

Every single Student Ambassador this year truly wishes all of our Bearcats a wonderful birthday and thank you for being such an awesome member of our community.

by Shine Chin, grade 10 Student Ambassador

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